The Zone
DocuDrama by Mark Wenner

The Zone is a 90 minute docudrama exploring the many benefits of being In The Zone. This film will show how empowering and easy it is to get In The Zone. Medical Institutes refer to the Zone Experience as being In The Flow. The euphoric sensations are the (feel good hormones surge) of The Zone which will provide an alternative to drugs and steroid use already occurring in our High Schools and Universities. The increased sensory acuity and super charged energy of The Zone could replace all drug abuse.

People of all ages want to experience The Zone. 5 year olds are inherently In The Zone since they are known to use both brain hemispheres for quick activities and language learning. This brain synergy declines as we start aging past our teens. Here in the United States we should see audiences in the millions.

If you want more information, or are interested in becoming involved, contact Mark Wenner at: